Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can I get a Free No Obligation Quote?

You can email or post photos to Dr Cassy. You will need to show the front, back and closer details of the areas needing attention. Please include the size of your bear and what 'surgery' you think your bear requires. Please ensure your photos are as clear as possible. A no obligation quote will then be given.

(There are some cases in which an exact quote cannot be given, Dr Cassy will contact you to discuss this)

2. How do I get my Bear to the Hospital?

Dr Cassy is happy to welcome personal callers by appointment. The Hospital recommends posting your Bear using Royal Mails Special Delivery service. If you are from outside the UK please use a secure postal service which offers insurance for your Bear.

The Hospital address is on our Contact page

3. What Materials are used?

'Like for like' materials are used. The Hospital stocks top quality glass eyes, German mohair and wool felt as well as vintage materials. Rexine pads can be replicated and materials can be aged to match.

4. Can my Bear be Repaired Without Looking New?

Yes. Dr Cassy's aim is to preserve your Bearfor many years to come whilst still retaining his 'old world' charm. Most repairs are done from the inside of your Bear and will not change his appearance too drastically.

5. Do you Only Repair Teddy Bears?

Dr Cassy is able to repair any soft toy from mice to elephants to bears.

Please note recently manufactured toys are more tricky to repair due to the poor standards of materials used.

6. Can my Bear be Cleaned?

Mohair Bears can be cleaned to a very good standard but if your Bear is very dirty he may require several 'baths'. Artificial silk, plush or nylon bears cannot be bathed but benefit from a good brushing.

7. Can my Bear be Completely Recovered with Fur?

To recover your Bear with fur will make him look like new. Dr Cassy is fully able to do this at your request. If your Bears fabric is completely rotten and beyond restoration then this is a good option.

8. How Long will My Bear be in the Hospital?

Your bear should expect to be in Hospital for an average of 3 to 6 weeks. Full progress reports will be sent out so you know how he is doing.However during busy periods this may be longer.

9. How do I Pack my Bear?

Please use a secure box with plenty of padding so no further harm will befall your Bear. Your Bear will be returned using the same form of packaging.

10. How do I Pay Dr Cassy?

Full payment is required before any work can commence on your Bear. In certain circumstances it may not be possible to give an exact quote so a deposit will be required. Dr Cassy is happy to receive payment via personal cheque, Bank Transfer or PayPal.


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