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Welcome to the Teddy Bear Hospital.

Dr Cassy first started the Hospital over 30 years ago. A complete restoration service is offered for your poorly bear. Treatment can range from repairing a torn paw to a total restoration.

Dr Cassy has extensive knowledge of vintage teddy bears. The Hospital believes any bear deserves a chance. Dr Cassy previous 'patients' range from valuable antique centre seam Steiff bears to much younger modern bears. Even Beanie Babies have been seen in the Hospital!

Over the years, Dr Cassy has shared her passion and skill of caring for the sick and injured bear. She has made numerous televison appearances and has also written for Teddy Bear Times.

The Hospital treats bears from the UK and also Worldwide.

About Dr Cassy


Based in the picturesque Tamar Valley in Cornwall.

Dr Cassy first started repairing her own bears almost forty years ago. As she gained in experience and confidence, friends began to ask for her help for their own furry friends.

Dr Cassy became the resident Bear Surgeon for Pinnochios gift shop in the appropriately named town of Teddington. As her reputation has grown, she has made appearances on television programmes such as The Big Breakfast and Good Morning with Anne and Nick, as well as a regular feature in the Teddy Bear Times magazine. Appearing in such a well known publication has brought in customers from as far away as Sao Paolo, Brazil and Hong Kong.


Dr Cassy believes that all well loved bears should display their balding and faded patches with pride as a sign that they have lived their lives as a good companion. But sometimes a bit of sympathetic cosmetic surgery can restore a friendly face. A bit more stuffing can help give a more welcoming hug. Dr Cassy will always ensure that your bear retains their unique personality. Some bears are not so lucky. Many patients have arrived for emergency surgery due to the behavior of their owners brothers or sisters, or even a jealous puppy. But there can still be a happy ending. Even if you think no one can help your bear, we offer a no obligation consultation and quote for restoration. You will lose nothing by asking, and your old friend may be restored to their former self.

Any bear deserves a chance. Dr Cassys customers range from valuable antique centre seam Steiff bears to much younger modern bears who are much loved by their young (or not so young) companions. Even Beanie Babies have made an appearance in the Surgery.

Dr Cassy often receives letters from grateful companions of bears, delighted to see their old friend as they remember them, often saying how seeing their bear as they once were has brought back happy memories of their childhood together. If you do not live nearby, Dr Cassy is happy to receive patients by Royal Mail Special Delivery, following a telephone consultation to discuss your requirements.







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